Why band aids don`t work! Fix the problem from the root!
We have been trying to find the source of a water leak for some time at our house and were convinced it was an irrigation pipe however, on turning it off there was no luck. This leak has been the subject of many a discussion but no resolution! In fact, the dampness on the fence was spreading and creating more wear and tear. Over several weeks many people looked and commented and had their assumptions or questions however, the water kept on coming.
We decided to dig deeper on the weekend and found water coming from what seemed like our wall! But how can this be as we don’t have a pipe in the wall! We were determined to find the issue, we must explore further along the wall – dig deeper – look for where the water is coming from!
After weeks of looking for the source we found the source of the leak which wasn’t so difficult to fix, however, due to the time taken to fix, the result was a significant amount of water wastage as well as damage to the wall. What would have been a very easy fix several weeks ago had become quite a big job to fix now. 
How often are there problems cropping up within your organisation which results in many people or areas being affected, however, despite the amount of times the issue is discussed the problem goes on. Band-Aids are applied and sometimes band-aids over band-aids and the issue keeps appearing and at times becomes increasingly worse.
Are you putting band-aids on issues and hoping they will disappear or are you fixing the root cause of problems within your organisation? Take some extra time to dig deeper and resolve the core of the problem – don’t wait for the problem to seep through and create greater issues along the way!
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