5 inspirational TED talks
Do you have some down time this weekend - here are 5 inspirational TED talks that will give you something to fill your time!
5 TED Talks That Will Inspire You to Live a Better Life by Peter Economy - March 10, 2016 11:31 AM

When we’re in a rut, sometimes it’s not enough to just listen to our close friends’ advice. When things in our lives feel like they’re not improving, it can be helpful to listen to someone else’s words to inspire you.

Finding a new way of looking at things, whether through a philosophical, psychological, or scientific viewpoint, is an astonishingly easy way to make life better.Check out these remarkably inspiring TED talks for some instant life improvements you can make right now.

1. Bel Pesce: 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams

Don’t be fooled by the title–this TED talk is all about figuring out how to achieve your dreams. Whether it’s something as far-fetched as your childhood pipe dream or something as tangible as a promotion at work, Pesce sarcastically emphasizes five important steps you must avoid at all costs in order to bring your dreams to fruition.

2. Judy MacDonald Johnston: Prepare for a Good End of Life

Although we tend to have a general aversion towards discussing anything death related, death is actually intrinsically intertwined in life. Johnston, in a thoughtful talk, encourages us to prepare for this heavy, somewhat scary, part of life by preparing for a good end. How she approaches the topic might have you reconsidering the way you live.

3. Jim Al-Khalili: How Quantum Biology Might Explain Life’s Biggest Questions

Keeping in mind that there is potentially always a way to explain things that feel so over our heads is often very comforting. The strides we have taken in science allow us to fully understand the miracle of life–and just why it is so stunning. Watch Al-Khalili’s talk to put things into perspective, and apply this world’s wonder into your own routine.

4. Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die

Okay , so this one isn’t actually a TED talk, but it is one of the most inspiring speeches you’re ever likely to watch. In this heartwarming, commencement speech at Stanford University, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs encourages us to pursue our dreams and embrace our setbacks, rather than run away from them. He pushes us to face even the scariest parts of life–like death–in order to better improve how we live everyday.

5. BJ Miller: What Really Matters at the End of Life

Continuing on the topic of nearing death, Miller–a palliative care physician–encourages his patients to ask the big questions. What do we want from life? How do we get it? How do we change what we are doing now in order to better approach that end goal? After watching his TED talk, we too begin asking the same questions as we reevaluate how exactly to live a better life. 

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