Innovation Accelerated 2015 Conference

The first Innovation Accelerated conference was held in Malta on the 20th May 2015

Impact Consulting, together with international Strategy Regeneration (SRg), brought the first Innovation Accelerated conference to Malta on 20th May 2015. 

The highly experienced panel of leading experts that were invited to speak at Innovation Accelerated ’15 guided the audience through subjects such as improbable innovation, the past, present and future of innovation, how to fund innovation and how to apply it in every field of business.

“We were extremely happy to have such highly regarded speakers at Innovated Accelerated, which were never before seen in Malta.” Said Robyn Pratt, Co-founder and Owner of Impact Consulting. “Innovation Accelerated 2015 has given all who attended insight, information and tools to unlock innovation, by using better processes, new business ideas and new business models.”

Delegates were also given the opportunity to take part in various workshops relating to funding and idea generation to better their business processes and to grow value. These hands on workshops gave everyone tangible ideas to take back to their office.

Impact Consulting together with Strategy Regeneration also hosted an Innovation business breakfast on the 19th which was attended by the CEO’s of some of Malta’s most successful companies. Our guest speakers were Kathleen Murray, Owner McMorran Strategies LLC and Dr Iris Ginzburg, Joint-CEO, Demaya and Head of the Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship International MBA at the Tel Aviv University. Following an introduction to the current trends in Innovation from Ms Murray, Dr Ginzburg moderated a discussion on the Future of Innovation and the heuristics for successfully implementing innovation.

Impact Consulting pride themselves on being highly energetic and dynamic professionals with a common passion for quality, learning and people. Their expertise has created value specifically in areas of project leadership, coaching, problem resolution, brand development and implementation, quality assurance processes and innovation, amongst others.

Strategy Regeneration’s vision is to create practical learning experiences that empower you to innovate. They enable leaders and managers to free up their organisation so as to effectively innovate, thus releasing the full potential of those around them. SRg has a proven track record. They have achieved significant results across a range of industries including Banking, Chemicals, Insurance, Food and Beverage, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Education, Electronics, Logistics and Hospitality.