Impact Consulting proud to be part of a New Solution for Secure Credit Card Transfer

The team at Impact Consulting have worked with many companies in developing new ways of thinking about addressing issues and challenges within their business.  With a background in Six Sigma and change management and Blue Ocean Value Innovation tools and insights combined with first-hand experience in leading Project teams either virtual or directly they find themselves constantly looking for opportunities to improve processes that are not adding value or identifying new and different ways to create value for the customer.

Recently Robyn was approached to assist in the development of an issue which has long proved a concern for customers and businesses especially with the increasing fraudulent use of credit card details and the upcoming implementation of GDPR which if not adhered to will mean potential substantial financial penalties for companies – either 4% of revenue or up to EUR20 million, whichever is higher.  This is a critical issue and one that companies need to address immediately.  

“How can we help our customers provide their credit card details to us in a secure PCI compliant way?” was the question posed to the team.  “We ask them to send their details to us via fax and this is off-putting as hardly anyone uses fax anymore – this results in potential loss of this direct booking to our company”.

The Impact team brainstormed the issue and as a result of various reviews of the process and how value could be created for both the customer and the company they developed a brand-new technology called PaySecure.  www.paysecure.travel 

The technology is so simple to install and easy to use for both customer and user.  In a nutshell, a PaySecure user will send a secure link to his/her customer who then completes their credit card details and when finished it uploads the information via the PaySecure technology to the companies PaySecure site.  The information can then be uploaded to the booking to facilitate processing.

We are not a payment processor – the beauty of this technology is the simplicity of it and the fact that it facilitates what can be a hurdle to finalising a direct sale if the client doesn’t feel safe providing their credit card details via phone or email.  

“We are very happy with the final product and are looking forward to having PaySecure become a solution for any business who is confronted with this issue.  This is a great example of what can be achieved when you focus on resolving a simple issue using the Value Innovation thinking”.

If you would like more information on PaySecure please contact Michael Redfearne who is the Global Account Manager on michael@paysecure.travel.

Drop us a line for more info on info@impact-consult.org.