Commitments, commitments, commitments ... Happy New Year!

Commitments, commitments, commitments….

Happy New Year!

As I sit here on New Year’s Day and read the many New Year’s Day Greetings and wishes for a great year ahead and see many people’s commitments and resolutions I find myself considering the many commitments that are made and broken with each New Year.

And yes, I am guilty of this as well!

Why are these commitments made and so quickly forgotten?  In many cases it is because we get side-tracked or that old saying “out of sight – out of mind” takes over.

This is indeed what I speak to clients about when discussing the importance of consistent “reinforcement” in relation to successfully implementing company vision and values.  It is one thing to conduct a training workshop for employees to gain information on what is expected of them in delivering on their company vision and values – it is another to continually remind them in ensuring they play their role in keeping this commitment on behalf of their organisation.

Having your vision displayed for all to see is one thing but having your customers (both internal and external) experience those words on a consistent basis is quite another.  

As you reflect on your 2019 goals for your company do not forget the importance of consistent reinforcement of the commitments you have made previously!  Make your commitments come to life on an everyday basis through continual reinforcement at all levels.   

Bring to life your promises – don’t let them become broken promises!

Have a fantastic year ahead and make every moment count.

From Robyn