Tiger Palace Resort

The Tiger Palace Resort Case Study - Creating a strong internal spirit to achieve the Power of a Brand!

Impact Consulting partnered with Northside Consulting Company Ltd. to bring an on-brand guest experience to life for Tiger Palace Resort, Nepal.
Managing your brand identity and the message it sends to customers, employees and ALL stakeholders is the most important marketing challenge of any new business and specifically when launching a new brand.  Many businesses spend a lot of money in developing the initial creative guidelines and execution of these, however, do not consider the impact of what it “feels” like to connect with the brand on an everyday basis both for the internal and external customer.

How does it “feel” to interact with your brand? How does this compare with the promise you are making through your sales and marketing efforts?

Unfortunately for many organisations,  the opportunity is missed to create increased loyalty and return for their brand as the expectation created through the marketing messages is not what is felt through the various customer interactions.  Internalisation of a brand is critical and something that should not be a “one-off” but owned and reinforced on an ongoing basis.  Employees should all feel as though they are ambassadors for the brand and proud to be considered as such.

An example of a company who has taken this to heart and invested in internalising and reinforcing their brand vision and philosophy is the Tiger Palace Resort which is a gaming resort recently opened in Nepal, owned by the Silver Heritage Group who have transformed the South Asian Casino entertainment landscape .

The Leadership Team of Silver Heritage approached my colleague Gert Noordzy of Northside Consulting to support them with the internalisation of their vision which proved to be an exciting and rewarding challenge for us as we partnered with the Leadership and HR teams of Silver Heritage to develop a program which would be embraced by all levels of the Tiger Palace team.  Through leadership coaching and professional experience, we made sure that everyone understood their role in bringing the brand to life at every touchpoint.

We engaged with the team from the outset with involvement of the Management Team in development of the program and training the identified“Tiger Spirit” Trainers in how they can effectively deliver the program on an ongoing basis.

Nepal is a fantastic country and Tiger Palace is an exciting new brand which I am sure will be a great success across Asia and beyond.  We are proud to have played a role in bringing The Tiger Spirit to life and wish the team every success going forward.

“Robyn adapted quickly and utilised her experience around the world to deliver a well-crafted training session highly suitable for Nepal. The country of Nepal is an extremely challenging work environment and her 5 star level training has been of great importance to the Tiger Palace Resort brand moving forward. Also, she was able to connect on a personal level with the employees which allowed all of them to make a valuable contributions during each of the training sessions.

Executives from our Hong Kong office were also impressed with Robyn`s effort put into the planning and execution as well as her finesse in her delivery not only to the local team but also in her various conversations  and when presenting to head office.” Brett Model, General Manager, Tiger Palace Resort, Nepal.

A key consideration with internalisation of your brand strategy is that success isn’t magical – it will not happen overnight and is something which needs to be reinforced on an everyday basis.  It takes time, effort and management buy-in to inform, inspire and involve your team members – but when they are truly engaged and empowered they become a truly fantastic asset for your organisation. Our ultimate goal is to create Power for a Brand through building a culture that is solid and consistent in delivering your brand message to your customer – at ALL touch points.

Impact Consulting was a proud partner with Northside Consulting in creating the framework for Tiger Palace to deliver their brand vision and philosophy.

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