Creating a solid road-map for employees to navigate their way in delivering a customer experience which brings your company values to life ...

I don’t know about you but these days I travel to so many different places around the world and that feeling of uncertainty and unfamiliarity when faced with dealing with new surroundings can be a little overwhelming at times. Many times I have found myself lost and asking directions from who I hope will be a friendly stranger. Thank goodness for Google Maps on many an occasion!

Creating a solid road-map for employees to navigate their way in delivering a customer experience which brings to life the Vision and Values your company has spent time and money in creating is very much the same as ensuring you equip yourself with the right directions and resource to ensure you don’t get lost in a foreign place.

I refer to this as the Hospitality Quality Assurance Framework. I use the term Framework as it is vital that all elements of the journey are in place to ensure the final delivery of the hotel guest experience (both internal and external) are aligned to the Company Vision, Values and Goals. This includes not only the “what” should be communicated but very importantly “how” the employee shall receive the messaging and establishing a clear “why” so that the employee feels confident in knowing their important role in the delivery of your company`s or hotel`s customer experience.

A well-constructed Hospitality Quality Assurance Framework begins with having a solid foundation comprising easy to understand and applicable Standards and Procedures which when implemented will bring to life the customer experience you have defined for your hotel/company/brand, up to date job-descriptions and communicated expectations for your employees so that they understand their role in the hospitality customer experience delivery process. When this foundation of “getting the basics” right is delivered through the lens of your brand Vision, Values and Promise, the result should be engaged customers and employees who will be loyal to and recommend your hotel/company/brand repeatedly. The result of this successful engagement being high levels of customer loyalty which should reflect in a positive outcome for all shareholders. Of course, the right KPIs to measure and fine-tune as necessary is key in this process to ensuring quality, on brand, customer experience. 

“If you don’t know where you are going – how can you hope to arrive!” Provide your team with the best possible direction – with the right resources, feedback and reinforcement through a properly constructed Hospitality Quality Assurance Framework and taking care of customers in the way you want them to be taken care of will become a whole lot easier.

Impact Consulting works with clients in all industries to “get the basics” right and create the right tools so that your team is on board and heading in the same direction. This ultimately has an impact on your operation`s bottom line. We specialise in Hospitality Customer Experience and Hospitality Quality Assurance. 

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