Create the right environment to create success!
Last night I was asked to participate in a discussion on a local Maltese Television Program in relation to explaining the benefits of FAR Infrared Heat. One of the subsidiary companies of Impact is Healthy Heat which supplies FAR Infrared Heating Panels for domestic and commercial use in Malta.  
We discussed the importance of giving further consideration to the environment we are creating for our families whereby we want it to be as healthy as possible for them however, sometimes we make decisions re: purchase of appliances which are based on cost alone.
This morning as I reflected on our discussion I was thinking about the importance of the environment we create for our teams in the workplace, if we are asking our team members to create warm and engaging experiences for our customer we need to ask ourselves what type of environment we are creating for them!  
“What we give – we get” rings true in so many ways and with customer expectations becoming increasingly higher we need to reflect on the environment we are creating which inspires our team members to want to deliver the best possible experience for our customer.
Everyone is busy with focus on creating a successful year – don’t forget to seriously reflect on the environment you are creating for your team to support the achievement of your goals.
Thanks for reading,