Collaborative Consultancy – It’s not what “I” can do but the value “we” can contribute!

The Hospitality Industry is no different than other industries – with advances in technology the “reality” that once was for hoteliers and consultants has changed dramatically over recent years and change has and will continue to be the only constant.  This applies not just to customer expectations (both internal and external) but for suppliers of the industry as well.  Just like the big brands are joining forces through mergers and affiliations, the consultants who work with these companies need to think differently as to how they can contribute greater value. 

With the changes in customer needs and expectations comes greater expectations for the industries who support the hospitality industry - the pressure to deliver results, to create greater value for shareholders and investors continues to increase.  The number of independent and smaller operators is increasing and their need to deliver consistent and high quality customer experiences is no different from the larger international brands. This means they too are looking for opportunities to tap into the diverse skill sets that can deliver these experiences, without the complications of having multiple hotel consultants according to the particular issue they are trying to address.

With changes in expectations comes a need for a change in thinking.  In this instance suppliers to the industry need to think bigger about how they can add the most value to their client and this means a need to collaborate with colleagues who they once might have considered competition.  These same competitors can now provide the opportunity to add greater value to their client, which means stronger engagement which leads to success for all.  

It is through the collaboration of like mind-sets that hospitality consultants can bring together, their specific skillsets which when merged offer potential to provide the customer an end-to-end solution. An opportunity to save not only the costs associated with working with multiple hospitality consultants, but an easier and more effective way of achieving a final solution without the complexities of having to work with a number of different people.  

Collaboration of skillsets is the solution – how can it work?

A group of hospitality professionals who have significant expertise gained from years in senior positions held with the big brands from across the globe, collaborate to offer an end-to-end solution for their clients.  Using Impact Consulting as an example, we have access to the appropriate expertise to deliver seamless strategies encompassing, but not limited to, the key disciplines – Hotel Pre-Opening Planning and Project Management, Sales Representation, Hotel Distribution and Implementation, Sales and Marketing Strategy and PR, Service Culture Development and Implementation, Hospitality Quality Assurance etc..

The Collaboration Consultancy Model is a brilliant solution and offers hotel operators at all levels a more customised approach to achieving meaningful solutions for whatever challenge they may be facing. 

Let’s change our mindset and instead of thinking about competing with others, let’s bring together like-minded hospitality professionals who will work in partnership with the industry to deliver improvements in quality and shareholder results for the future. 

Drop me a line on robyn.pratt@impact-consult.org if you would like to know more about how we can help.