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Impact Consulting provides a full-service consulting and advisory service offering hospitality consulting on an international level.  Our expertise and knowledge are wide reaching and we strive to develop solutions which are innovative and strategic to achieve the maximum value for our clients.

What is the customer experience you are trying to convey?  Does it bring to life the promise of your brand or company?  How does it create a difference for you?  What value does it bring for your customer – both internal and external? Impact Consulting partners with our client to convert the intangible to the tangible. 

Innovation is the key driver of competitive advantage, growth and profitability for an organisation.  The need to “embrace change”, develop “new ways of doing things” or “look at things from a different perspective” can be heard daily. 

Our experience in leadership coaching has taught us that companies can spend a lot of time focusing on the creation of comprehensive growth plans and objectives however, oftentimes do not take the time to prepare and equip employees with the skills, direction and platforms to succeed.

About Impact

The Impact Consulting team prides itself on being able to bring to our clients a team of highly energetic and dynamic professionals. 

Robyn Pratt is a member of the International Society of Hospitality Consultants, the leading source for Global Hospitality Expertise, represented by over two hundred of the industry’s most respected professionals from across six continents. Robyn’s expertise comes from 35+ year career working in different countries and spanning a broad cross section of disciplines ranging from Brand Strategy and Implementation, Sales and Marketing, Operations, Leadership Coaching, Change Management, Innovation at a leadership level. She has a genuine passion to support individuals and companies achieve their full potential.

Having led and executed projects across hospitality, (hospitality consulting, hospitality quality assurance, hotel pre-opting consulting), brand management, innovation and change management and operations she is now is proud to consolidate her 35+ years of expertise with that of affiliates who have the same values and belief in high quality solutions.
Together we bring a solid framework to support our passion for quality, learning and people development which enables us to work respectfully and successfully with the nuances associated with global geographies, cultures and all generations.  Our mission is to add tangible value for our clients in whatever task we have in front of us.   
We want to create solutions which will “make the difference” and not just “be different”.
Global Perspective
Our global perspective comes from living and working in many destinations around the world. Through affiliation with our network of industry specialists we are able to leverage the strengths and expertise necessary to create and deliver solutions that make a real impact on a global basis!
Results Driven
From the outset we are driven by achieving the agreed deliverables of success which are agreed when defining the expectations of our client. Doing something differently is one thing but making a difference in the success of our client is what we are passionate about.
Diverse Expertise
Robyn has established a solid network of experts who bring proven knowledge and expertise that span various countries and disciplines. This enables us to provide tailored solutions that consider not only the specific needs of our client but also the ability to adapt the solution to the specific country and cultural nuances that must be considered.
Robyn and her network of industry specialists share the same goal which is to deliver solutions that make a tangible difference to the business of our clients. Our careers have spanned the globe which has provided us with the necessary insights to understand the important nuances of working in different cultures. Once the project requirements are defined we can leverage the expertise within our network to develop the solution which is right for our client and implement either on a local or international basis.
Our Success Stories
Where we have made a difference your business should not be considered “warm and fuzzy”! It actually has significant impact on the bottom.
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